Saturday, 20 July 2013

40 Players in 40 days: a countdown of the Pac-12’s best players

We’re 40 days from college football, real, tangible college football that we can actually watch and we haven’t seen before. I know, I can’t contain myself either. Not only does college football in general start in 40 days but so does the Pac-12 season as Utah hosts Utah State followed by USC visiting Hawaii on Thursday Aug.29.

In light of this milestone date in the off season calendar and since this is a Pac-12 blog, I’ll be counting down my list of the top 40 players in the Pac-12 for 2013, one player every day.
There are a few factors that combine to put a player on this list, they are:

-Past production

-Projected production

-Overall talent

-NFL Potential

A proven track record is the most important thing for the purposes of this list but there are a few players on this list without much of a track record but endless potential. There will also be times when you will stack up stats for two players and find the lower rated guy has the better numbers. This is where both 2013 projections and NFL talent come into play. The first of 40 players will be along in a bit, stay tuned.

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